MUMBO: MUlti-task Max-value Bayesian Optimisation

Published in The European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML), 2020

We propose MUMBO, the first high-performing yet computationally efficient acquisition function for multi-task Bayesian optimization. Here, the challenge is to perform efficient optimization by evaluating low-cost functions somehow related to our true target function. This is a broad class of problems including the popular task of multi-fidelity optimization. However, while information-theoretic acquisition functions are known to provide state-of-the-art Bayesian optimization, existing implementations for multi-task scenarios have prohibitive computational requirements. Previous acquisition functions have therefore been suitable only for problems with both low-dimensional parameter spaces and function query costs sufficiently large to overshadow very significant optimization overheads. In this work, we derive a novel multi-task version of entropy search, delivering robust performance with low computational overheads across classic optimization challenges and multi-task hyper-parameter tuning. MUMBO is scalable and efficient, allowing multi-task Bayesian optimization to be deployed in problems with rich parameter and fidelity spaces.

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